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Cat Flap Fitters West Dorset

We are cat flap fitters covering the whole of the West Dorset area. We are able to fit cat flaps into almost any type of glass, whether itís single glazing, double glazing, laminated or toughened glass, itís no problem for us!

When deciding to get a cat flap installed, it is important to know that in most cases, we will have to replace the existing glass with new glass that has a hole manufactured for the cat flap. For us to be able to cut a hole to facilitate a cat flap, it is also important to know that the glass must be at least 390mm (39cm) in either direction, this is so that once the hole is cut, there is enough glass remaining around the hole to have the strength to hold the cat flap without cracking.

When ordering a cat flap installation from us, you have 2 options. We can provide a basic 4-way locking cat flap with our installations on request or alternatively, if you require a micro-chip or magnetic cat flap, we usually advise that you source these yourself as there is such a wide variety of styles and prices that we feel this saves time for you in the long run.

Procedure For Ordering Your Glass

  • We will visit your property and measure the glass for manufacture
  • We will order the glass which takes around 3-5 working days
  • Once manufactured, we will call to arrange fitting
  • We will replace your existing glass with the new glass containing your cat flap (If you have double glazing, you have the option of keeping your old unit, should you need to have it put back in at a later date).

Call one of our friendly telephone advisers for a free, no-obligation quote on 0800 121 6002.